I’ve been trying to think of where and how to start writing with some regularity.  That’s probably the wrong way to go about it.  Thinking about writing is not the same as writing, no matter how much we would like it to be.  As of right now, I’m committing myself to two blog posts per month.  October is half over already, but let’s start now anyway.

Yesterday I realized that I never hurt myself in the field, but I manage utterly avoidable injuries on campus and in museums.  I am currently sporting a wrist brace from twisting it at the library yesterday.  The unspoken dangers of graduate education right there.

After several days of confused computer wrangling, I managed to install QGIS, which is supposed to do everything ArcGIS does, but for free.  I never properly learned ArcGIS in college, though I somehow skated through a graduate-level course with a B.  It’s been long enough now that I couldn’t tell you how to begin inputting data without a refresher.  Another project to add to the pile, since I’m dealing with landscapes in my dissertation and it sounds like fun, or at least a nice change of pace.  Our map library recently hired a GIS specialist, who will be offering workshops.  QGIS comes highly recommended, for those of you also interested in learning, but don’t have access to other options.


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