A Busy Year

Aside from Day of Arch, it feels like I haven’t blogged about anything in forever.  I have quite a few updates planned as I start seriously digging (har har) into my dissertation analysis.  Some things to look forward to if you read Sprouts regularly – a series discussing archival resources pertaining to commercial sex in New Orleans, posts about developing a portfolio project for my Graduate Certificate in Community Engagement, and as yet undetermined fun stuff about food history and culture.

In the past year, I successfully passed my comprehensive exams and dissertation proposal defense, so I am finally, officially, a candidate.  I had a very successful summer doing archival research and helping out with two field projects in New Orleans, in the French Quarter and the Tremé historic neighborhoods.  You can read about the French Quarter project and see pictures of artifacts at the official site, The Art of Digging, which has been added to the blogroll.  Also new to the blogroll, UNO’s Archaeology News blog, where you read about a lot of other awesome archaeology projects happening in New Orleans!

Currently, I am back in the lab working on faunal analysis for the Iberville project and attempting to gain a better understanding of fish skeletons.  Soon I hope to get some old research out for publication and submit grant applications for finishing up flotation samples and archival work next spring.  Settling back in at home base has been strange and I miss New Orleans already, but I feel things are going well.  Maybe this will result in more consistent blogging?

Expanding the reading list…
And back in the lab!

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