Day of Archaeology 2015

It’s that time again, Day of Archaeology!  This year I wrote my contribution on spending time in the archives during my summer fieldwork.  You can read it here: Archival Research in Historical Archaeology.

As usual, I’m linking all my favorite posts from the even to recommend.  There are a lot of interesting new topics this year; peruse the list below.

Sustainable Archaeology: Collections Preservation & Digitization

Punk Archaeology: The Album

Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East

Art and Archaeology

Exploring Prehistoric Cooking

Indoor Research

Digging Diaries: Skulls, Shamans, and Sacrifice in Stone Age Britain

Spot the TrowelBlazer!

Computer (Arm) Chair Archaeology

A day as an archaeology student – help me graduate! (Includes a survey to participate in research.)

Dead Bodies, Texts, and Reviews: A Day in the Life of a Theoretical Archaeologist and Body Person


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