Video: The Kish Expedition, 1927-1928

Before joining the MSU anthropology graduate program, I worked on The Field Museum branch of the Kish Project. One of my projects was digitally restoring a short, black and white film that had been shot during the 1927-1928 Kish Expedition field season by an unknown cinematographer. The film is a historical gem that shows scenes from the excavation itself, as well as daily activities, landscapes, local wildlife, and ethnographic material. The following are some clips that have been posted on Youtube by The Field Museum and associates.

Science at FMNH – Exploring Kish (5:44): This video shows researchers Karen Wilson and William Parkinson talking about Kish, the history of the expedition, and the goals of the project, interspersed with clips from the film.

Field Museum-Oxford University Joint Expedition to Kish, Mesopotamia (1923-1929) (23:40): A shortened version of the film showing primarily excavation scenes.

The Field Museum KISH Collection (6:17): Learn about the collection of Kish artifacts housed at FMNH.

For further information, check out the Kish website: A full publication and site report as a result of the Kish Project will be available in the near future.


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