Welcome – Day of Archaeology

Hello, and welcome to Sprouts!  I thought it would be appropriate to launch this blog on the Day of Archaeology, with links to some of my favorite posts from the event.  My own contribution on talking to kids about archaeology can be found here: Everyday Archaeology.

Posts I like:

Archaeology & Photographs by Penny at the Roman Baths Museum

A Day in an Archaeological Tool Kit by Terry Brock

Excavating Michigan State University with the Campus Archaeology Program by Lynne Goldstein and CAP

Stronger Futures: An Archaeology of Contemporary Indigenous Graffiti in the Northern Territory, Australia by Jordan Ralph

The Kitchen Table Theory by Guy Hunt

Excavating an Archaeologist’s Desk by Carl Carlson-Drexler

Who is a “Real Archaeologist”? by Francesca Tronchin

Learning, Laughing and Living: An Archaeology Student Group from Down Under by Flinders Archaeology Society

Curating a Small Archaeology Museum by Dena Sedar

Wrestling Pythons, Blending Grass, and Proofing Papers by Stu Eve


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