Grand Challenges: Blurring Fiction and Reality

  This post is for the January blogging carnival hosted by Doug’s Archaeology. The topic is: “What are the grand challenges facing YOUR archaeology?”    I think the grandest challenge in my archeology… Continue reading

The Anthropology of Zombies

          It’s no great secret that I have a weakness for zombie movies, the good and the bad and the strange. Since it’s Halloween season, I’ve been thinking about… Continue reading


I’ve been trying to think of where and how to start writing with some regularity.  That’s probably the wrong way to go about it.  Thinking about writing is not the same as writing,… Continue reading

A Busy Year

Aside from Day of Arch, it feels like I haven’t blogged about anything in forever.  I have quite a few updates planned as I start seriously digging (har har) into my dissertation analysis.… Continue reading

Day of Archaeology 2015 Recs Part 2

A few more links to add to my list of recommended posts for this year’s Day of Arch event: Is there such a thing as LGBTI archaeology? Making That Connection 8000 Year Old… Continue reading

Day of Archaeology 2015

It’s that time again, Day of Archaeology!  This year I wrote my contribution on spending time in the archives during my summer fieldwork.  You can read it here: Archival Research in Historical Archaeology.… Continue reading

Grant-writing season is gearing up…

I’ve reached the point in my PhD program where the mad scramble for fieldwork funding has begun. Recently, I finished my first major grant proposal, which has finally forced me to think about… Continue reading

Finding a Narrative

While I read for my bibliographies, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I actually want my dissertation to be about. Of course, in a broad sense, it’s about Storyville and the race-class-gender… Continue reading

Southern Tropes in History

“Indeed, these mythic conceptions of the upland South begin to be constructed just following the Civil War…through a complex series of popular culture phenomenon such as local color writers, popular music, and folklorists.… Continue reading

Day of Archaeology 2014

This has been my third year participating in Day of Archaeology – where does the time go!  You can read my post about fieldwork in New Orleans here.  As with the previous two… Continue reading